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Offering custom SierraChart chartbooks and Notion templates for traders. Everything I offer aims to eliminate the dependence on a developer or 3rd party site, so products are “open-source” style giving traders full access to own and modify as needed, with no recurring costs. If you enjoy my products kindly consider sharing my store link:

Premium Trader Dashboard Pro Template - Notion

Trader Dashboard Pro Template

Premium template for centralizing a trading business.

Template Features:

  • Setups archiving template
  • Trading journaling template
  • Goal tracker & quick links
  • Project organizer
  • + more

Sierra Chart Handbook (Unofficial)

  • Learn how to setup and operate Sierra Chart
  • Comes with workspace templates
  • Learn advanced use of studies
  • Great for beginner to intermediate users
  • 1 time payment for full access

Sierra Chart Chartbooks for Traders

After years of learning SierraChart I am offering both Free and paid chartbooks. Upon download, you receive the chartbook and associated files, with full control and zero DLL connections required.

What I am not offering is any magic indicator or strategy. No setups, no financial advice. I am not a teacher or mentor.


Excel Worksheets and Templates


Trades MFE/MAE Candlesticks

For viewing individual trade performance, built for Sierra Chart exports but any trade export can be used.

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