Welcome to my website, my name is Alex but I’ve had the nickname Ziggy for many years. I’m a married father of 2 beautiful kids. Outside of that I’m passionate about trading and also enjoy being creative. Delicious food and spending time outdoors are both really important to me.

I’ve been using SierraChart for some years in my trading and over time built up a collection of chartbooks I found useful, and have decided to make them available to other traders.

Trading Background

NFT Project

  • Dataset analysis & backtesting
  • Trade performance analytics
  • Algorithmic alerts & trade management
  • Hybrid algorithmic and discretionary trading. Primarily intraday timeframe
  • Some Algo Design Lab (TT) development
  • Successfully pass trader evaluation to earn a funded trading account w/ MES capital

In 2021 I launched a small NFT project called Sol Spray Paint Cans. Built on the Solana Blockchain, I generated 100 unique images and metadata using Javascript Hashlips Art Engine, then used Metaplex and Gumball machine for the mint. Mint them HERE

Next project minting soon.

Sierra Chart Projects

  • Actual or simulated trade back tester
  • Trade analyzer for trade log exports w/ cumulative monthly statistics covering dozens of metrics and process tracking
  • Algorithmic orderflow & delta event alerts
  • Algorithmic trade entry & cover logic alerts
  • Back tested stair-stepped trail order execution to improve exit target efficiency
  • Automatic Risk/Reward lines based on entry and Long or Short & stoploss
  • Risk manager dashboard, mainly used for streaming trader performance metrics
  • Automated export for data needed to update back testing worksheets in Excel and Jupyter
  • Dozens of other technical chartbooks and studies

Past Trading Projects

  • Premarket dashboard for analyzing overnight changes
  • RTD spread trader with limit order quoting
  • Crypto API worksheet for perpetual funding rate data with multi-timeframe averages. Python
  • Notion pages and templates for backend trading business generating over 100 downloads and both have a 5 star review
  • Gap, range, technical levels, and other statistical analysis and reports used in intraday trading
  • Gather a group of traders for that aimed to mimic prop trading floor activity and accountability exercises. Collaboration. Excess of 40+ traders participated with core team of around 8. Charged $0

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