Sol Spray Paint Cans

Minting Is Closed

What are Sol Spray Paint Cans?

Web3 Spray Paint. Various rarities for: can type, background, spray paint tips, and rare caps. There are also very rare Golden Cans. Rarity table is posted below.

These NFTs live on the Solana blockchain.

Collect Up To 100 Sol Spray Paint Can NFTs

The Sol Spray Paint Cans Collections ($CANZ) is a generative art collections built on the Solana Blockchain.

There is a fixed limited supply NFT collection, capped at 100 generative pixel art NFTs.


Above: Sol Spray Paint Cans #7

Sol Spray Paint Cans

Total Supply

100 Unique Generative Pixel Art NFTs

First Mint Date

December 1, 2021

Pixel Res






NFT Associated Image Size


How To Own a Sol Spray Paint Can?

  1. Download the Chrome browser plugin: Phantom Wallet
  2. Open the browser plugin, click “Deposit” to purchase some Solana, or transfer your existing Solana (SOL)  to your Phantom wallet
  3. Browse an NFT in one of the collections, you can now bid, buy, or sell NFT’s on the marketplace, such as:  SolSea

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