Quoting & Trading Micro or Correlated Symbol

View Data From Symbol [A] but Place Trades on Symbol [B]

Often users will view data of an EMINI product but trade the MICRO product. To view bar and study data for one product but have trades execute on a second product follow these steps:

  • Open the desired chart (DOM, Chart, other)
  • SC Menu: Chart Settings > Symbol menu
    • Symbol: Click the value field to choose the symbol to ANALYZE (but not trade)
    • Trade and Current Quote Symbol: Click the value field to choose the symbol to TRADE
    • Use As Trade Only Symbol: Set to Yes

Now, this chart will display data for one symbol, but trades will execute on the second symbol


Note: Linking charts with the Symbol as a link can cause Profit/Loss Management to trigger.

Quick Switch Between Micro and Emini

  • Add the Micro and Emini (or symbol A and symbol B of choice) to an Associated Watch List
  • Press + or - to quickly switch between symbols

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