Optimizing Computer for Sierra


Handbook Recommendations for hardware:

  • 144 hz or above monitor, with 1-5 ms spec
  • 500+ GB SSD. Avoid HDD for Sierra Chart file location
  • Sierra Chart states 4 GB RAM minimum, but often traders run other programs simultaneously so 8-16+ GB RAM is more likely the better choice. To allow of extra room for memory 16 - 32 is the better option
  • If using AMD GPU, ensure OpenGL driver. Legacy models do not support this

Other Recommendations

  • Windows visuals turned to minimum/off
  • Windows 7
  • Access to Excel
  • Computer power settings to performance not power saving
  • Use a dark windows theme so that windows within Sierra are dark mode as well
  • Ensure only programs that are needed are running. Some apps drain memory, CPU, or other resources. Open the Task Manager in Windows to view resources
  • Ample hard drive space for large data files and multiple instances
  • Try Sierra in Linux

Reduce programs running in background

  • Access the settings of your OS to change programs on startup and background programs
  • Only have the apps and web browsers that are actually needed running

Mac Users

Mac users will need to use tools or applications such as Wine, Crossover, XRDP, Parallels, or others.

Final Notes

In addition to optimizing the computer for Sierra Chart, the Sierra Chart performance guide can be found HERE.

While not officially stated, research has indicated multiple users on more legacy AMD GPU Graphics cards may experience issues with select studies such as Market Depth Historical Graph.

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