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A chartbook is simply a workspace to view charts and data. It’s possible to have many open at once and navigate between them, however excessive charts may reduce performance.

Tip: Add a OpenChartbook and CloseChartbook button to the Control bar for faster navigation. How-to is linked HERE

How to Download Someone Else’s Chartbook

  1. Usually the chartbook will be in the Downloads folder, with a .CHT file extension
  2. Move the provided file(s) to the Data folder of Sierra. (User/SierraChart/Data). A chartbook is in CHT format, but some require a spreadsheet
  3. Open Sierra Chart > File (Title Bar) > Open Chartbook > “the_file_provided.cht”

The chartbook will open, but in many cases, two things need to be changed to properly see charts and data.

  1. Change the timezone to your preferred zone
    • Chart > Chart Settings > Session Times (tab)
    • Adjust as needed
  2. Change the symbol.
    1. Edit (title bar) > Translate symbols to the current service
    2. or

      b. Chart (title bar) > Chart Settings > Symbol (tab)

      Tip: If the chart is blank, Title Bar: Edit > Translate Symbols to Current Service

Chartbook Settings

To adjust some chartbook settings such as autosave, simple:

  • Title Bar: Global Settings > General Settings > Charts > Chartbooks > Adjust as needed

Configuring Chartbook Workspace for Multiple Monitors

By default all charts added to a chartbook are contained within the workspace of the main computer monitor.

Charts are either attached or detached to the workspace.

To detatch/attach a chart window from workspace:

  • Select by clicking the desired chart
  • Title Bar: Window > Detach Chart Window (or Attach Chart Window to re-attach it)
  • Drag detached chart windows to desired locations between computer monitors
  • Title Bar: File > Save

Note: It is possible to align windows from multiple instances (Instances Resource Link):

  • Title Bar: Window Always Visible (this prevents a minimize if needed)

How to Change the Name of Chartbook

2 Methods:

  1. Find the file within the User/SierraChart/Data/ folder and rename manually
  2. Open the chartbook, Title Bar: File > Save As > Type a new name > Save

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