Handbook Contents

Getting Started

📓Introduction📓Glossary📓FAQ📓1st Time User📓Choosing an Operating System📓Optimizing Computer for Sierra📓Service Packages 📓Data Feeds - Depths - Timezones📓Download and Install Sierra Chart📓Update Default Settings

Charts & Chartbooks

📊Charts Introduction📓Chartbooks Guide📊Charts Guide📊Chart Templates

Studies & Indicators

📉Studies Introduction📓Studies Guide🧭Advanced Study Concepts📓ACSIL

Trading & Execution

📓Trade Order Window📓Simulated Trading (SIM)🚨Risk Management📓Quoting & Trading Micro or Correlated Symbol🔗Interactive Brokers + Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart Performance

📊Performance Introduction📊Performance Guide📓Run Sierra Within Linux Guide

Backtesting & Autotrading

Backtesting IntroductionBacktest Signals GuideExport Bar and Study DataReplay Feature

Technical & Visuals

📓Control Bar Customization📓Tools📓Hotkeys


🔢DOM Introduction🔢Create & Optimize a DOM

Trade Performance Metrics

📓Trade Metrics Guide

Sierra Chart Resource

🌐Sierra Chart Master Resource Page


🚨Sierra Chart Troubleshoot Guide