Sierra Chart: Beta Backtest Suite

[For Intermediate Skilled Sierra Chart Users, Requires Excel]

Note: Upon Free checkout, download the provided files. Move them to the User/SierraChart/Data file directory.



This backtest study is not highly accurate, but you can backtest either hyptothetical trades or trades you actually took Live/Sim, but see results using different stops losses and targets, and easily comparing the differences in those results.

This Free chartbook comes preconfigured and the spreadsheet is setup for easy backtesting. Simply paste your trades into the spreadsheet, and you can:

a) Backtest your real entries with custom stop losses, targets, and order types

b) Backtest your real entries with custom parameters for exits and stoplosses

c) Backtest hypothetical trades based on custom entries or conditions

How-To Use

This requires pasting trades from Sierra Chart trade logs into Excel, then pasting data back into Sierra Chart from Excel.

  1. Ensure the SCSS and CHT files provided upon download are in your Sierra/Data directory. Also open the Excel file provided.
  2. Export your Sierra Chart trade logs. Trade > Trade Activity Log > [*Trades]. Then Edit > Copy All
  3. image
  4. Paste the data into the Excel file provided:
If the formatting comes out wrong, click here the arrow
  1. Copy All the trades within Columns C to M
  2. image
  3. Paste results into Sierra Chart spreadsheet I provide. Cell BA3 (far on the right). YOU MUST RIGHT CLICK THE CELL, AND SELECT PASTE.
  1. Ensure:
  • Open the CHT file provided: 1-ziiiggy-backtest-v2, set the symbol of the chart to current
  • Trading is UNLOCKED
  • Your Trade Window is configured. Consider a stop loss, and target. Experimenting with order types such as trailing. Set order quantity
  • DISCONNECT from data feed
  • On toolbar select Trade > Auto Trade System Replay Backtest, to begin the backtest.
  • Select the date, replay “all charts in chartbook” and if “100000” or faster speeds skip trades then try slow speeds.
  • image
  1. View the chart for results, and also the trade activity log will now have those results. You can delete the SIM trades by going to the Trade tab > Clear Trade Simulation Trades Order and Data.
Can’t find the spreadsheet within Sierra? Click here


Message me if you run into trouble. This is not a beginner study and it doesn’t perform perfectly. If you have found an easier way to perform this backtest, I would love to know, as I am developing a premium version of this study that is more user-friendly.

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