Sierra Chart: Risk/Reward Lines Real-Time


Are you tired of using the default Risk Reward tool in Sierra Chart? This chartbook allows your to set basic parameters to view the Risk/Reward of your trading positions based on stop loss distance, to have lines drawn to visualize the Risk/Reward levels automatically.

Simply set the stop loss distance in points and you will see: 1R, 2R, 3R, 5R, 10R distances that change real-time based on set stop loss, for both gains and losses. Only requires you to set 1 value in 1 study, very easy.

Coming Soon New Release: June 2022- version for volume based RR, where Position Qty * Risk Distance

How-To Use

  1. Download any files following the checkout page, and ensure any .CHT or .SCID files are in your Sierra Data folder. By default, they may download to your /Downloads folder
  2. In Sierra Chart go to File > Open Chartbook > Select your newly downloaded files from the Data folder
  3. Go to the Chart Studies, you can right click in the chart and hit “Chart Studies”
  4. Click on “SET STOP IN PTS #2” and then hit Settings
  5. Under Value, set this to your desired stop loss distance (points)
  6. Done! Once you are in a trade, the lines will populate on the chart


Check back soon, as there will be a version that uses a volume based RR system, where as this is purely based on stop distance.

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