Sierra Chart: Risk Management Dashboard


This chartbook is a risk manager layout which summarizes the risk and results intraday.

Use case: Share your trading screen or alert log with a riskmanager/trading partner/stream. Stream the window through an app such as Discord screen share or accountability partner. Keep an eye on various risk metrics yourself. Use this chartbook to monitor various performance metrics real time, with clear visuals.

For monitoring:

  • within max position size
  • daily loss limit approaching warning alert
  • daily loss limit triggered alert
  • runup/drawdown monitor
  • PNL monitor

Easy to add additional alerts based on trading activity.

As you are trading, if your PNL drops below a certain point or position size is too big the trader will be alerted and a visual alert will trigger. The DLL (daily loss limit) warning will trigger ahead of the actual DLL, perhaps a good time to take a break when the warning comes.

The origins of this chartbook began when trading accountability partners wanted to share screens via Discord to hold each other accountable. Quickly and easily monitor key metrics and gather a snapshot of the current and past trades.

How-To Use

  1. Download any files following the checkout page, and ensure any .CHT or .SCID files are in your Sierra Data folder. By default, they may download to your /Downloads folder
  2. In Sierra Chart go to File > Open Chartbook > Select your newly downloaded files from the Data folder
  3. Go to the Chart Studies, you can right click in the chart and hit “Chart Studies”
  4. Any study with prefix “SET” needs to be adjusted to your liking.
    1. Max Contracts (Buy): Set value to positive number
    2. Max Contracts (Short): Set to a negative number
    3. DLL (Daily Loss Limit). Set this to your desired loss limit
    4. image


Check back soon for updated versions

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