Excel MFA/MAE Spreadsheet



Easy to use maximum favorable excursion and maximum adverse excursion candlestick chart for past trades built for Sierra Chart trade exports, but trades from any software can be used instead. Clean way to visualize an important element of trade performance.

The high, low, and closing PNL of each trade is represented in the candlestick. This version is static, check back soon for the dynamic release.

How-To Use

Sierra Chart Users:

Just paste copied Sierra trades into Excel file cell A50 of sheet TradeStats. More details here:

  1. Open Sierra Chart > Trade Tab > Trade Activity Log > [*Trades]
  2. Select the date range, P/L format, and other desired settings
  3. Click “Edit” > Copy All
  4. Open the Excel file provided
  5. Paste into the highlighted cell A50
  6. Pictured Here (click arrow)
  7. Switch sheets to view the MFA/MAE candlestick bars
  8. Pictured Here (click arrow)

Non Sierra Chart Users:

Using extra cells provided, you will need to access the following information from your other trading software:

  • Position Max profit
  • Position Max loss
  • Position Closed PnL

It requires you paste the information from above into the AQ, AR, AS columns as pictured below

Pictures Here (click arrow)


To shorten or lengthen the maximum trades analyzed:

  1. Right click in the chart found in the TRADES sheet
  2. Click Select Data
  3. Under Legend Entries, Series 2, 3, and 4 each need to be selected individually and click Edit as pictured here:
  4. Pictured Here (Click Arrow)
  5. Change the range set in the Series Values bar. By default it’s to AQ$400, change 400 to any value desired (trade count)

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