Funded Trading Accounts

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Earn To Trade - 20% Discount

How does it work?

Sign up for an evaluation and reach the profit target within the rules to earn a guaranteed offer for a funded futures trading account from a prop firm partner. Trade then withdrawal profits from funded accounts.

Earn 2 Trade - 20% Discount

  • Recently added progressive funded accounts, using the Trader Career Path
  • Instant 20% off for new and existing E2T traders
  • Quality support and live chat

LeeLoo Trading

Covered Data Fees after Initial Payment

  • Fewer rules than others
  • No daily drawdown
  • Leeloo Express full refund upon qualification


Highlighted Promotion: Earn To Trade - 20% Discount on the Trade Career Path

Earn2Trade recently added a new account type, a career path. Once the evaluation is passed, when a trader reaches their next profit target their drawdown and account size is automatically increased. A progressive scale-up opportunity. Currently offering 20% off the advertised price using the link below:

Trading Software

Why a funded account?

  • Trade firm capital and not just personal funds
  • In some cases market data is covered, with generous profit splits
  • Some traders agree it’s more cost effective to learn as a beginner/intermediate within evaluation rather than only trading personal capital
  • Take advantage of trading software offers
  • Educational material
  • Risk is clearly defined and managed, no longer depend on just will power
  • Short evaluation periods to earn funded accounts


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